SPS FVF FP71 Front Pick-up Feeder

SPS FVF FP71 Front Pick-up Feeder
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Front Pick-up Feeder

Max sheet size: 750x1060mm (29”x41”)

FP Front Pick-up Feeder is specialized in handling thinner sheets, designed to work with an SPS High Speed Fully Automatic Cylinder Screen Printing Machine, run synchronously linked, highlights German SPS’s lineage classic advantages: smooth run by gentle sheet handling, printing accuracy, user-friendly operation, convenience and comfort, maintains medium high yield.

Linked and sync-run with an SPS high-speed Cylinder Screen Printing Machine, feeds piled up sheet stock piece by piece into Printing Machine for printing.

Suitable for paper, plastic, etc. flexible, usual to thinner sheets, rectangular sheet substrates, such as:
• Graphic Printing: posters, packaging boxes/ wraps, book covers, stickers, greeting cards, labels/tags, braille, scratch-offs…
• Industrial Printing: transfers/decals (textile, ceramic, bikes, sports devices…), automotive/appliance dashboards/panels (IMD/FIM...), security cards (credit, ID…), membrane switches…
• Circuit Printing: flexible circuits (circuits, conductive contacts…), electronic labels, sensors…
• Opto-electronic Printing: electro-luminescence (electrode, emission layer…), flexible cover-lenses…
• Bio-medical Printing: health-care test strips (blood sugar…).
• Green Energy Printing: thin film batteries…
• Max. speed 2500 cycle/h (max. sheet 750x1060mm).
• 3-side portal design, allows operator access for pile setup.
• Pile guides with scale.
• Pile height sensor with automatic feed-in control.
• Unique dynamic variable vacuum pick-up head, air-blow + poke multiple sheet-separation system, suction cups’/air-blow nozzles’ strength/positions/angle are delicately adjustable, to handle Varying thickness/rigidity of sheet materials, for sure effect.
• Ultrasonic double-sheet detection.
• Unique servo-driven varying speed single-sheet forwarding, and gentle reaching position, to sheet characteristics.
• Control linked with Printing Machine after, with further control switches nearby operation position, convenient for setup.
• Max sheet size: 750x1060mm (29”x41”)
• Substrate thickness: 0.075~0.8mm (0.003”~0.03”)
• Max. speed 2500 cycle/h
• Sheet cleaning roller device, ensures print quality.
• Anti-static device, eliminates static charge on plastic sheets, for smooth run.
• With other options, corresponding to process requirements.

Other models in same series but different size:
SPS FVF FP57 Front Pick-up Feeder
Max sheet size: 550x750mm (22”x30”)
Substrate thickness: 0.075~0.8mm (0.003”~0.03”)
Other models for same application but in different type:
(EP Rear Pick-up Feeder):
SPS FVR EP71 Rear Pick-up Feeder
Max sheet size: 550x750mm (22”x30”)
Substrate thickness: 0.2~0.8mm (0.008”~0.03”)

SPS FVR EP71 Rear Pick-up Feeder
Max sheet size:750x1060mm (29”x41”)
Substrate thickness: 0.2~0.8mm (0.008”~0.03”)