Fully Automatic Roll-to-Roll Biotech Tester Screen Printing Line

ATMALINE RR5060/C Fully Automatic Roll-to-Roll Biotech Tester Screen Printing Line
Suitable for high precision screen printing on the coiled flexible (or film) material, such as conductive films, biotech sensors, blood glucose testers, etc. Automatic CCD registration corrects alignment of the coiled material substrate on each printing pass for unrivaled accuracy.


Integrated In-feeding and Printing Sections:
  • In-feed and printing section are integrated to provide the coiled material precise transportation and stability.
  • Unwinding air shaft is equipped with universal roller balls, to facilitate loading the coiled material.
  • Cutting/connecting platform is equipped with pressure and vacuum functions for a flat and stable flow of substrate through the printing process.
Retractable Double Sided Cleaning Roller (optional):
  • Cleans before printing with double sided cleaning roller, equipped with retractable design for simple installing and dismantling to clean the roller.
Hole Punching Device
  • Enable to choose punching section (dual hole puncher + distance adjustment structure), implement hole punching and printing at the same time.
  • Optional Automatic Roll-to-Roll Thin Film Hole Puncher (ATMATIC RP5050/S)
Rolled Material Delivery
  • German-engineered guided device, modular design to achieve optimal efficiency.
  • Main transmission shaft is collocated with pinch wheel (adjustable interval distance), providing the uninterrupted system, it will not be affected the accuracy of the guided correcting and printing section, even material supply is interrupted.
  • Digital control main control shaft, precise tension control and high precise pulling material.
Printing Structure
  • Four-post Up Down Stability : equipped with precise encoder to control digitally height setting (printing / stand-by / cleaning level) position to attain accuracy ±0.05mm
  • Servo Motor Direct Drive : low failure, solid printing torque, full digital control, full stroke stable motion.
  • Equalized Pressure Control : equalized pressure digital control squeegee / flood coater, enable to preset digital pressure (3~62kgf) individually on HMI.
  • Enclosed Guide Rail Dusts-proof : printing stroke precise linear guide rails is protected by high rigid Aluminum extrusion profile, anti-contamination and dusts proof.
  • Printing Uniform Layer : guide rail cylinders are used for the squeegee / flood coater to raise accuracy of linear motion, precise leading, smooth, equalized printing pressure to present completely on substrate, assure printing ink layer uniformity and consistence.
  • Retractable Frame Holder : frame holder can be retracted handy for cleaning screen, special design attains repeatability positioning accuracy.
Automatic Squeegee Leveling (option)
  • Digital automatic squeegee leveling to obtain excellent printing layer uniformity.
Visual System
  • Two sets of CCD camera are adopted to compare image analysis, registration can be achieved 5μm
  • Collocated with screen automatic precise displacement in X/Y/θ axis
  • Provide proper light source for visual system (coaxial white light)
  • Field of View : FOV 13.5*10.18 mm
  • Fiducial Mark : registration hole on substrate in corresponding with screen
  • Registration Target (accuracy 20um), registration time within 1.5 seconds.
  • Special monitor with tempered lens, acid and base resistance, anti-noise, clear contrast.
  • Attain accuracy, quick registering, high yield rate.
  • Registration data is recorded, enable to link internet remote to save and retrieve.
Visual Registering Screen Function
  • Substrate is set by unilateral registration at opposite side of operation.
  • CCD is configured below printing table, ensure substrate’s hole and screen fiducial mark automatic alignment, save operator’s adjustment time, initial printing and multi-printing can be sustainable production, substantially reduce time of operator setup and registering.
  • CCD judges pulling the substrate position to make automatic compensation without issue of cumulative error.
Divided into Vacuum Zones on Table (Option)
  • Max vacuum area 490*620mm, vacuum hole ψ1.0mm
  • If the specified vacuum zone is required, vacuum area control can be partitioned upon need. (option)
Constant Power Conveyor Dryer
  • Entire dryer system adopts IR constant power with even temperature hot air, drying effect is 5 to 20 times higher in compare with regular hot air, total length of equipment can be reduced substantially.
  • Drying with even temperature ±3%
Independent Winding System
  • Winding shaft with air inflation is equipped with universal balls to save human power, high convenience for staff loading / offloading material.
  • Special rotating type deviation rectifying system is collocated with displacement winding, even the material without tension is wound, winding accuracy is remained within ±1mm.
  • Unique creation winding taper control which makes the wound material tight well, it will not be loosened easily during transit.
Protective Device
  • Error Display : when control system failure, error message is displayed on HMI for quick guidance error exclusion.
  • Protective Device : error diagnosis chain locking loop, error indication, mono key automatic safety restoration loop, safety light barrier, E-stop button, warning lamp and so on, comprehensive safety protection.
Specifications AT-RR5060/C
Screen Printing Machine
Screen Printing Machine
US Standard Units
Material thickness 0.05~0.25 ㎜
Material width 160~500 ㎜
Equipment Dimensions
AT-RR5060/C Printer
4000(L) * 1970(D) * 2100(H)㎜
Equipment Dimensions
8730(L) * 1844 (D) * 1622 (H)㎜
Equipment Dimensions
AT-RW5060/C Rewinder
1595 (L) *1335(D) *1642(H)㎜
Equipment Weight
AT-RR5060/C Printer
2900 ㎏
Equipment Weight
2500 ㎏
Equipment Weight
AT-RW5060/C Rewinder
700 ㎏
Work Flow Direction Left-in Right-out
Maximum production capacity 9.4pcs/min (5.6M/min)
Pulling material length 600mm
Pulling material speed 1000mm/sec
Material width 500mm
Printing stroke 620mm
Printing speed 225mm
Compressed air source pressure 5~7 ㎏/ cm2
Electrical power 3 phase, 380 V, 60 ㎐
AT-RR5060/C Roll-to-Roll CCD Registering Screen Printing Machine (with Unwinder)
Unwinding air shaft 3” air shaft
Coil width 160~500mm
Unwinding wheel max coil diameter 550mm
Cutting film wheel max diameter (optional device) 250mm Thickness 50μm about 820m
Maximum coil weight Max:80kg
Connecting material platform equipped with pressing +vacuum function
Cleaning roller device equipped with double sided cleaning roller
Hole punching function 2 sets of hole position
Electrostatic elimination equipped with electrostatic eliminator or antistatic brush
Printing table height 1100+50 ㎜
Printing area (Min)160*350 ㎜~(Max)500*600 ㎜
Effective vacuum area Max:490*620mm 吸氣孔ψ1.0mm
Frame size 900*900~1100*1100 ㎜
Retractable frame device option
Printing speed 20~625mm/sec (servo driven)
Printing pressure 3~62kgf
Peel-off height 0~25mm (servo driven)
Printing skew angle 20° ± 10 °
Swivel angle ± 3°
CCD camera quantity 2 pcs (stationary position with pitch 400mm)
Registration mode Screen XXYY automatic registering
Screen registering function Visual automatic screen registering (fiducial marks must be made on screen)
Operation interface Human-machine interface (PROFACE 10.1)
Air exhaustion 60 L/cyc
Power consumption 49kw 93A
Other optional function (1). Squeegee auto leveling calibration
Other optional function (2). Air shaft (3”) for film removal
Other optional function (3). 6" air shaft sleeve

IR + Hot Air Dryer (constant power)

Specifications AT-TIO5050/CP
IR + Hot Air Dryer (constant power)
IR + Hot Air Dryer (constant power)
US Standard Units
Heating mode IR (infrared heater) + hot air
Divided section number 5 sections (each section 1M)
Max substrate width 500mm or less
Regular setting temperature 80℃~120℃
Average temperature Setting temperature ±3%
Working height 1000+30 mm
Teflon conveyor width 600mm
Conveyor speed 30~260mm/sec
Fan control mode Frequency modulation by the inverter controls the amount of air volume
Forced intake air fan specification 0.2kw/5pcs、4” hose
Forced air exhaust fan specification 0.2kw/5pcs、4” hose
Temperature control mode SCR control IR
SSR control hot air circulation
Equipment material Insulation inner layer adopts SUS 430
Insulation external layer adopts SS41 lacquer
Equipment surface temperature 60℃ or below
(except for the opened area surrounding within 100 mm and exhaust air pipe)
Operation interface Human-machine interface (Proface 7 inch)
Power consumption 83 kW , 157A

Roll-to-Roll Automatic Winder

Specifications AT-RW5060
Roll-to-Roll Automatic Winder
Roll-to-Roll Automatic Winder
US Standard Units
Winding air shaft 3” air shaft
Rolled material width 160~500mm
Winding wheel max coil diameter 550mm
Film lamination wheel max coil 250mm
external diameter Thickness 50μm about 820m
Coil weight Max:80kg
Winding wheel power Servo driven
Tension adjustment Servo tension control
In-feeding deviation rectifying
EPC structure
Structural type EPC
Winding tension Programming control winding taper
Winding accuracy ≦±1mm
Operation interface Human-machine interface (Proface 7inch)
Other optional functions (1). Film lamination air shaft (3”)
(2). Electrostatic eliminator
(3). 6" air shaft sleeve