SPS ASTRON QX Cylinder Press

Max sheet size:
SPS ASTRON QX 57: 550mm x 800mm
SPS ASTRON QX 71: 750mm x 1,050mm
Max speed:
4,500 cycle/h with EP Rear Pick-up Feeder
2,800 cycle/h with FP Front Pick-up Feeder

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The development of the SPS ASTRON QX range of servo cylinder machines is the result of years of close cooperation between SPS TechnoScreen and ATMA. The result is the best of two worlds, the vast experience of SPS combined with the superior design and production capability of ATMA Champ Ent. Corp.

SPS ASTRON QX with 4-post lift
Unmatched ergonomics: The 4-post lift system for the complete screen and squeegee assembly enables the operator to have an unrestricted view to the material stream and if necessary make some corrections; the registration will remain 100%. The screen can be inspected either at the sheet exit side of the machine or sliding it out to the operator side.

SPS ASTRON QX sheet feeder
The sheet feeder is open and easy accessible for the operator to load and / or correct the sheet pile.

SPS ASTRON QX screen access
Inspection and / or cleaning top and bottom side of the screen; holding perfect registration when pushed back into the machine.

SPS ASTRON QX extra control panel
Extra operator panel with hard buttons for the most used machine commands, located at the sheet exit side.

SPS ASTRON QX screen carrier
The independently driven screen carrier is of heavy duty solid anodized aluminum, screens are loaded by sliding them in from the operator side of the press; the retractable screen holder runs on precise linear bearings and can be pulled outside the machine for correction / cleaning purposes; after pushing this back, the original register is maintained.

SPS ASTRON QX screen carrier
Simply slide the screen into the machine from the operator side.

Job Set Up: The ASTRON QX offers the fastest job change in the industry; the camera controlled auto-screen register system will rec-ognize the extra fiducials exposed in the screen and set the new screen into registration in less than 1 minute; the fully automatic squeegee program sets pressure, active print path, flood coater depth in less than 1 minute; the (optional) serismart F will set all sheet size related settings fully automatic and in less than 1 minute.

SPS ASTRON QX screen carrier
Blue LED light from top, camera from beneath checking the fiducial exposed in the screen.

SPS ASTRON QX initial register setup
For initial screen register set-up, the camera is targeting the fiducial in the screen.

SPS ASTRON QX automatic register setup
Motorized automatic initial screen register set-up & motorized correction of image position; in order to be 100% precise and avoid any backlash, the ASTRON QX uses 4 servo motors; the image rotates around the center.

SPS ASTRON QX serismart F
Serismart F, after numeric input of sheet size ALL format related settings will automatically find the correct positions (optional)

SPS ASTRON QX sheet edge rollers
Even the sheet edge rollers will search for the correct position.

SPS ASTRON QX recipe setup
Recipe set-up of all print parameters; standard memory for storage of up to 500 recipes.