Also called Cylinder Screen Printing Press, Cylinder Press
SPS VTS XPc Cylinder Press
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VTS XP71/c


XP tilt screen lift type is German SPS’s lineage classic series: with the superior “Original SPS STOP Cylinder Principle”, demonstrates the highest run speed, printing accuracy, operation convenience and comfort, ever seen on the market.

SPS Feeder offered in choice of 2 types: Rear Pick-up type SPS FVR EP 57 / EP71, and Front Pick-up type SPS FVF FP57 / FP71, depending on substrate types and thickness.

Max. speed 4,000 cycle/h (with EP Rear Pick-up Feeder,); Or 2,500 cycle/h (with FP Front Pick-up Feeder). (max. sheet 750x1060mm depending on model)


APPLICATIONS: Suitable for paper, plastic, etc. flexible sheet substrates, to be printed graphic images, special effects (varnish, relief, particle, gloss…), or industrial functional pastes (conductive, covering…), such as:

• Graphic Printing: posters, packaging boxes/ wraps, book covers, stickers, greeting cards, labels/tags, braille, scratch-offs…
• Industrial Printing: transfers/decals (textile, ceramic, bikes, sports devices…), automotive/appliance dashboards/panels (IMD/FIM...), security cards (credit, ID…), membrane switches…
• Circuit Printing: flexible circuits (circuits, conductive contacts…), electronic labels, sensors…
• Opto-electronic Printing: electro-luminescence (electrode, emission layer…), flexible cover-lenses…
• Bio-medical Printing: health-care test strips (blood sugar…).
• Green Energy Printing: thin film batteries…
A) Advanced Offset Feeder: No crossbar obstruction over front of feeder. Operator can stand up for comfortable operation. Both sides open, convenient for pile adjustment. Steel plate goes to the floor, easy manual load or w/pallet jack.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Advanced Offset Feeder
B) Feeder Head: Advanced feeder head with controls for multiple blast air for sheet separation, vacuum strength, suction cups angle/spread position, skew correction provides an advantage when running deformed sheets.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Advanced Feeder Head
C) Infeed Conveyor Vacuum: Vacuum volume fully opened or closed, and adjustment can be increased or decreased incrementally.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Infeed Conveyor Vacuum
D) Screen Setup Space: Screen high tilt, exit belt fold-down, central screen adjustments + pneumatic lock-in. Provides maximum comfort and space for operator’s fast and convenient settings for cleaning screen/cylinder, + other adjustments.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Screen Setup Space
E) Screen Adjustment: Screen adjustments centralized, convenient for adjustment at one-position, from delivery end or operator side.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Screen Adjustments
F) Screen Holder Frame: Designed with screen tilt to gather ink at print end, prevents flow-back and dripping through mesh holes of low viscosity inks.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Screen Holder Frame
G) Screen Off-Contact Distance: Screen to cylinder distance 1.5mm. Lower off-contact improves registration tolerances. Minimizes mesh to be pressed down by squeegee for increased life of screen. Less mesh stretch and deformation.
H) Squeegee: Optional German RKS C05 carbon back-plate squeegee (one piece). Strong in support (no bending) and light-weight. Changed in 1 second by switching a nearby pneumatic clamp. Carbon plate helps dissipate static.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Squeegee
I) Squeegee Level Adjustment: Only 2 seconds for automatic setting by machine from pushing 2 buttons, fast and constantly accurate always, regardless of operator skill level.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Squeegee level adjustment
J) Squeegee Pressure: Pneumatic + electronic + hydraulic triple controls (stabilizing), automatic equalization. Includes dynamic automatic adaption to level variance.

K) Squeegee Angle: No need of tool for adjustment. Squeegee blade position remains unchanged and constant, adjustment is fast and convenient.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Squeegee angle adjustment 1 SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Squeegee angle adjustment 2
L) Print Stroke: Print stroke digitally settable according to sheet length. Squeegee accurately falls beyond grippers in settable range. Lengthens life of screen and squeegee. No risk of ripping screen.

M) Delivery Conveyor: Belts run in variable speeds. First synchronized with cylinder speed (delivery-sheet out). Secondly synchronized with dryer conveyor speed (transferring sheet to dryer). No risk of scratching sheet.

N) HMI: Main HMI placed at operator eye level. Clear icon and text display for operation conditions, error displays, for easy operator use & control.
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Squeegee angle adjustment 1
O) Sheet Side Guides: Vacuum suction and pulling from bottom side, prevents damage to sheet surface (with optional vacuum-push mode for thicker / heavy sheets).
SPS VTS XP57/P Cylinder Press Squeegee angle adjustment 1
P) Anti-Drip: Swivel drip pan device to collect ink drips from squeegee for quick changeover, ink removal, and increased accessibility to screen..

Q) Anti-Splash: Designed with solution against risk of splash (out of screen) of low viscosity ink (varnish) during high speed runs. Splash guards synchronously activated open/close along with screen clamping/release action, convenient for production runs using low viscosity ink.

R) High Speed (3000 p/h~): Equipment can comfortably adapt to long time high speed run up to max. nominal 4500p/h (mechanism weight-load well balanced and fine-tuned, thus low in vibration, noise and wear).

S) Maintenance: Automatic oiling for all mechanisms, with oil level detection and warning indication. No need for frequent oiling, lessens work burden and lengthens life of mechanical functions (often seen used for over 35 years).
Specification XP57/c
Metric Units
US Std Units
Metric Units
US Std Units
Max. sheet size (standard) 550mm x 750mm 22" x 30" 750mm x 1060mm 29" x 41"
OPTION Max sheet size can be extended to 800mm (31.5")
with max frame width of 1000mm (39.5") on request
Min. sheet size 250mm x 300mm 10" x 12" 280mm x 420mm 11"+17"
Print Frame o/d(Standard) 960mm x 960mm 38" x 38" (see option above) 1140mm x 1280mm 45" x 50"
Print Frame o/d(Optional) 880mm x 880mm 34.5" x 34.5"
(reduces max. print size to 20" x 28")
1250mm x 1320mm 49" x 52"
Cycle Speed max./hr 4500 4000

Technical Specifications:
  • Auto-lubricated balanced drive system, performs constant stability and accuracy in high/low speed and long/short run (feed-in – registration – printing – delivery).
  • Finely produced cylinder integrated sequenced vacuum/blowback and grippers, for controlled printing stability with even ink deposit.
  • Front stops + vacuum side guides + optical sensors sheet registration system, working with Non-Print / Auto-Stop protective controls, prevents sheet waste.
  • Screen loading from above + guides + centralized 3-point screen adjustments, for convenient, comfortable, and quick setup.
  • Pneumatic screen tilting in large-angle, provides opening under screen allowing operator access for screen cleaning (assisted by delivery belt fold-down), upgrades setup efficiency; Working with Auto-Stop programs, swivel anti-drip pan device to collect ink drips from squeegee for quick change ink removal, increased accessibility to screen, and easy screen cleaning.
  • PEH multiple controlled squeegee pressure + electronic sequence/stroke system, squeegee is automatically leveled for accurate consistent print quality.
  • Knobs + micrometer with numbered indicators for squeegee set-down system offering accurate fine-setting.
  • Squeegee bridge pneumatic tilting + drip pan, for fast removal of squeegee off screen and decreased changeover time.
  • Delivery belt exit fold-down, provides easy access for service (assisted by screen tilt).
  • High-level master-control PLC + attentive control programs + package movements, for operation ease of use and error-proof.
  • Eye-level high-positioned operator interface + multiple nearby control panels, for user-friendly operations.
  • Error diagnose/indication and history record, on-line remote diagnose.

  • High raise, following upstream Feeder.
  • Anti-static device, eliminates static charge on plastic sheets for smoother uninterrupted operation.
  • Print length correction system, corrects screen mesh deviation.
  • C05 squeegee system, improves printing quality, fast changeover, lightweight, and carbon plate dissipates static.
  • Synchroline control, for in-line control and automatic speed syncing.
  • Other options available for corresponding process requirements.

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