CCD Center Registering Green Energy Solar Cell Silicon Wafer Screen Printer

Specially designed for R&D processing

  • Composed of registering and printing section, shuttle table for convenient loading to increase throughput.
  • Specially designed frame holder for quick screen positioning.
  • Easily adjusted squeegee angle, depth, level, and printing pressure.
  • Slightly conical registration pins pluss suction pop-up pins for easy breakage-free manual loading of wafer substrates.
  • Printing section contained within clean booth for best combination of safety and work environment.
  • Equipped with CCD vision system for high precision registration.
  • HMI system for various functions, with digital control and error diagnosis.
Specification ATMASC 25PP
Metric Units
US Standard
Max Print Area: 156mm x 156mm 6" x 6"
Screen frame height 26mm to 52mm 1.02" to 2"
Frame Size: 500mm x 500mm 19.68" x 19.68"
Dimensions: 840mm x 1300mm x 1900mm 33" x 51.2" x 74.8"
Weight: 500 kg 1,103 lb