SPS VTS XP57/t Fully Automatic Twin-flow

Also called Cylinder Screen Printing Press, Cylinder Press

SPS VTS XP57/t Fully Automatic Twin-flow Cylinder Press
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Fully Automatic Twin-flow STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Machine (tilt screen lift type), linked with Feeder

Based on the XP57/p tilt screen lift type primeline luxury class, the XP57/t is further transformed to an unique twin/single-flow compatible model (/t), offers double yield and adaptability to diversified print jobs. Highlights the superior German SPS lineage classic: the “Original SPS STOP Cylinder Principle” in advantages: highest run speed, printing quality, operator convenience and comfort, ever seen in the market.

SPS Feeder (twin-flow type) ahead, 2 types for choice: Rear Pick-up type SPS FVR EP57/t, Front Pick-up type SPS FVF FP57/t, depending on substrate thickness.
Max. speed 4500 cycle/h x2 = 9000 p/h (with EP57/t Twin-flow Rear Pick-up Feeder,), Or 2800 cycle/h x2 = 5600 p/h (with FP57/t Twin-flow Front Pick-up Feeder). (max. sheet: single-flow 550x750mm / 550x267mm x1; twin-flow 550x267mm x2)
Specification XP57/t
Metric Units
US Std Units
Max. sheet size (twin-flow, standard) 550mm x 360mm 22" x 14"
Max. sheet size (single-flow, standard) 550mm x 750mm 22" x 30"
Min. sheet size (twin-flow, standard) 250mm x 140mm 10" x 5.5"
Min. sheet size (single-flow, standard) 250mm x 300mm 10" x 12"
Cycle Speed max./hr 4500 w/rear pick-up feeder EP57/t,
2800 with front pick-up feeder FP57/t
EP57/t Rear Pick-up Feeder Length 1380mm 3'7"
EP57/t Rear Pick-up Feeder Width 1380mm 3'7"
EP57/t Rear Pick-up Feeder Height 1490mm 4'11"
FP57/t Front Pick-up Feeder Length 1380mm 3'7"
FP57/t Front Pick-up Feeder Width 1680mm 5'6"
FP57/t Front Pick-up Feeder Height 1220mm 4'
XP57/t Press Length 2150mm 7'1"
XP57/t Press Width 1860mm 6'1"
XP57/t Press Height 1890mm 6'2"
AS57/t Stacker Length 1590mm 5'3"
AS57/t Stacker Width 1740mm 5'9"
AS57/t Stacker Height 1150mm 3'10"

• Auto-lubricated balanced drive system, performs constant stability and accuracy in high/low speed and long/short run (feed-in – registration – printing – delivery).
• Finely produced cylinder integrated sequenced vacuum/blowback and grippers, for controlled printing stability hence even ink deposit.
• Front stops + vacuum side guides + optical sensors sheet registration system, working with Non-Print / Auto-Stop protective controls, avoids sheet waste.
• Screen loading from above + guides + centralized 3-point screen adjustments, for convenient and comfortable setup.
• Pneumatic screen tilting in large-angle, provides opening under screen allowing operator access for screen cleaning (assisted by delivery belt fold-down), upgrades setup efficiency; Working with Auto-Stop programs, controls ink parking on screen – anti-drip, convenient cleaning.
• PEH multiple controlled squeegee pressure + electronic sequence/stroke system, squeegee is automatically controlled securing print quality.
• Motorized + electronic pressure controlled + micrometer indicated squeegee set-down system, automates fast setting at uniform accuracy.
• Squeegee bridge pneumatic tilting + drip pan, for fast clearing squeegee off screen and convenient change.
• Delivery belt in varying speed (synced to up/down-stream machines) + fold-down exit part (convenient access for service).
• High-level master-control PLC + attentive control programs + package movements, for convenient operation and error-proof.
• Eye-level high-erected operator interface + multiple nearby control panels, for convenient and comfortable operations.
• Error diagnose/indication and history record, on-line remote diagnose.
• Anti-static device, eliminates static charge on plastic sheets. for smooth run.
• Print length correction system, corrects screen mesh deviation.
• C05 squeegee system, ensures printing quality, fast and lightweight in change.
• Synchroline control, for in-line control and automatic speed syncing.
• With other options, corresponding to process requirements.