Fully Automatic Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing Line

Suitable for high precision screen printing on various flexible roll materials, such as FPC flexible printed circuits, flexible displays, transfers, flexible thin-film batteries, RFID radio frequency ID tags, and more. Automatic CCD registration corrects alignment of the coiled material substrate on each printing pass for unrivaled accuracy.

ATMALINE RR3250/C Fully Automatic Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing Line
A fully automatic screen printing line: unwind-feeding (with web-connecting table) → camera visual auto-alignment (optional) → printing → [ inspection(optional) → idling(optional) → ] drying (optional, IR+hot air, suspended routing) → rewind-collecting, for in-line fully automatic continuous production.


Unwind / Rewind:
  • uses air shafts, assures concentricity and non-slip of material roll (stable rolling), fast roll loading/unloading, supplied with choice 3” air shafts (standard) or with 6” air shaft sleeve (optional)
Web flow:
  • servo-driven rolling, working with structural EPC tracking system; servo tensioning control
Screen printer:
  • ATMA 4-post “OE” precision version module, integrating all function sections:
  • Printer section: digital-controlled servo motor driven 4-post lift, to: print level(off-contact, digitally set, air locking - against heavy print pressure) / standby level / cleaning level.
  • Substrate base table section: with dynamical On/Off and volume-adjustable vacuum (to fix material); servo-driven 4-post up/down(not air-borne concept)-web pass without scratch);
  • Screen section: Adjustments: holder arm positioning / air-locking, pneumatic screen holder levels, holder arms(screen) leveling, supplementary positioning by screws, screen frame XXYY digital-servo driven fine-adjustments; servo-driven gradual peel-up of screen during print stroke (to prevent sticking, stroke/ speed adjustable; servo-driven digital-set stroke length & start/stop points, automatically averaged to print stroke)
  • Squeegee section: servo-driven left-right stroke, coordinated to squeegee / flood coateralternative down for printing / flood coating (relative to screen-substrate in fixed position; Squeegee & flood coater both up to clear off screen); Adjustment: digital-set stroke start/stop points & speed, skew angle (to overcome print skips at corners); Squeegee / flood coater adjustments: manual mounting positioning, set-down level(depths), leveling(print evenness), inclination angle(deposit thickness), up/down speeds, digital-set pneumatic driven constant print pressure...
Printing / flood coating:
  • servo-driven, stroke / speed digital-controlled, solid drive torque, super stable run over entire stroke, fault free.
Printing / flood coating pressure:
  • digital-set constant pressure systems, each providing 3~62 kgf pressure parameter setting in HMI.
Camera visual automatic screen-substrate alignment:
  • optional 4 cameras (2 as standard) cameras and servo-driven screen frame move auto-alignment system, achieving precisely registered printing.
High flatness table:
  • made of thick aluminum alloy board, fine smooth processed and hard anodized(scratch-resistant), achieving flatness at ±0.02mm, realizes fine line/dot printing. Servo-driven 4-post down during printing / material web pass.
Control / operation system:
  • high-level industrial computer integrated multiple controls, color LCD touch-operated HMI, provides multiple function parameter setting and immediate operation/monitoring, convenient for operation, complies to faultless demands in digitization, standardization and humanization.
Safety protection:
  • with error diagnose/alert system, safety restoration, emergency-stop, beacon, safety dust covers(optional)..., considerate in safety protection.
Inspection / idle buffer sections:
  • to provide ink idling (flow-out, antifoaming...) before work goes for drying, and hand-held camera shooting + magnified monitor display that assist operator eye inspection. (optional)
Various dryer type for choice (optional):
  • according to material characteristics(thermal/tension durability), ink’s drying characteristics(energy, speed), and productivity demand(type, section length), normal types:
  • • IR + Hot Air drying: horizontal conveying type (with carrier belt, or pull-through type) Up/down routing type
  • • UV during: horizontal pull-through type (other types)
Specifications AT-RR3250/C
Screen Printing Machine
(with unwinder)
Screen Printing Machine
(with unwinder)
US Standard Units
Machine dimensions L 3545 x W 1725 x H 2350 mm
Machine weight 2,220 kgs
Compressed air source 5 ~ 7 kg/cm2
Electric power 3 phase / 380 V / 50/60 Hz
Air consumption 60 L/min
Material web flow direction left to right
Material web flow drive by vacuum roller
Material roll loading 3” air shaft ×3 (1 each for main material roll, spare material roll, and delaminated protective layer rewind)
6” air shaft sleeve (optional)
Shaft drive servo-driven
Unwind web edge tracking structural EPC
Tracking detection range ±10 mm
Tensioning control servo-driven vertical type
Tension adj. range 0.5 ~ 3.0 kgf
Web speed 10 ~ 100 mm/sec
Cutting/joint table included
Anti-static device (optional) anti-static bar (L 340mm)
Dust cleaning device (optional) contact cleaning roller + dust-collection adhesive roll
cleaning roller size: ∮37.4 x L 355mm
Printing alignment camera visual + screen move auto alignment (optional)
Camera 4 sets
Lens FOV 15 x 20 mm
Image shooting top/bottom both at same time (targets)
Camera adj. range X= ±75 ~ ±250 mm
Y= ±100 ~ ±170 mm
Working table size 380 × 570 mm
Vacuum area 320 × 480 mm
Printing area 340 × 500 mm
Table vacuum source ring-blower
Vacuum hole size ∮0.8 mm (pitch 20 x 20 mm)
Table height 980+60 mm
Table up/down servo-driven
Screen frame O/D size max. 950 × 950 mm ~ min. 700 × 700 mm
Screen frame height 25 ~ 40 mm
Screen frame holding pneumatic + manual locking
Screen alignment XXYY 4 axes ± 9.5 mm (working with CCD visual auto digitalized alignment system)
Screen alignment drive servo
Screen peel-off drive servo-driven, from print stroke start to end
Screen peel-off distance 0 ~ 20 mm
Screen cleaning level height 350 mm
Printing direction left to right
Printing drive servo
Printing speed 20 ~ 625 mm/sec
Max. printing stroke 620 mm
Squeegee/flood coater pressure 3 ~ 62 Kgf
Squeegee inclination angle range 20 ± 5º
Flood coater inclination angle range 45 ± 5º
Print head skew angle ± 4º
Squeegee depth range 12 mm adjustable
Operation interface touch-operated HMI, parameter setting/momory/call-out/reset
Dust cover (optional) unwinder: top dust cover
printer: overall dust cover + HEPA

Inspection Machine (by operator eye) -- optional

Specifications AT-RI3250
inspection machine
inspection machine
US Standard Units
Machine dimensions L 1475 × W 870 × H 1840 mm
Machine weight 700 kgs
Compressed air source 5~7 kg/cm2
Rated power capacity 1.1 kw 2.15 A
Electric power 3 phase / 220 V / 60 Hz
Flow direction left to right
Pass height 980+60 mm
Inspection Hand-held camera shooting + monitor screen display (12.1”)
Camera 1 set (color)
Lens FOV 12.5 x 17 mm
Inspection area 340 x 500 mm
Camera inspection height 91 mm
Material web speed 10 ~ 100 mm/sec (adjustable)
Material web drive by servo-driven vacuum roller
Vacuum source ring-blower
Operation interface buttons
17 Cutting/joint table with
Air-borne inspection table with
Material web continuity with (3” air shaft)
Dust cover (optional) top-lid dust cover

Idling section -- optional

Specifications AT-RB3250
idling section
idling section
US Standard Units
Machine dimensions L 3495 × W 995 × H 2410 mm
Machine weight 1150 kgs
Compressed air source 0.8 kw / 2.88 A
Electric power 3 phase / 220 V / 50/60 Hz
Material web flow direction left to right
Material web speed 10 ~ 100 mm/sec (adjustable)
Material web drive by servo-driven vacuum roller
Vacuum roller height 1780+60 mm
Vacuum roller 6 sets driven by induction motors
Vacuum source ring-blower
Dust cover (optional) overall dust cover

IR + Hot Air Circulation Dryer -- optional

Specifications AT-RIO4032
IR + Hot Air Circulation Dryer
IR + Hot Air Circulation Dryer
US Standard Units
Machine dimensions L 4300 × W 1500 × H 2100mm
(heating length 3760mm)
Machine weight 3,270 kgs
Electric power 3 phase / 380 V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 102.9 kw
Material web drive by servo-driven vacuum rollers
Effective web drive width 250、300、320、340mm
Conveyor height 1750+60 mm
Conveyor direction left to right
Conveyor speed 0.5 ~ 6 m/min
Heating by IR + Hot air circulation
Heating zone 4 zones
Conveyor length total 16 m
Air flow source ring-blower
Air flow direction top-down
Body material Inside SUS430
outside SS41 painted
Temperature control IR - SCR
Hot air: SSR
Temperature range room temp +20ºC ~ 200ºC
Circulation system 10.5” fan-blower
Temperature evenness within set temp ± 3 %
Operation interface Proface 7” touch-operated HMI, parameter setting
Air exhaust hot air 16 CMM (adjustable by mechanical flow valve)
Protection measures 1. over-temp setting on temperature controller, 10ºC over set heaters are shut off.
2. electronic over-temp protector(temp settable, normally highest temp +20ºC), if over heaters are shut off.
3. error display on HMI, beacon + buzzer alert, emergency-stop buttons.


Specifications AT-RW3250
US Standard Units
Machine dimensions L 1250 × W 1195 × H 1390 mm
Machine weight 650 kgs
Compressed air source 5 ~ 7 kg/cm2
Electric power 3phase / 220 V / 50/60Hz
Material web flow direction left to right
Material roll loading 3”air shaft ×3 (1 each for rewind, spare rewind, & protective layer roll unwind)
Adding protective layer roll (optional) 3”air shaft
6”air shaft sleeve (optional)
Material web drive by servo-driven 90º angle vacuum roller
Vacuum roller diameter ∮164mm
Material web speed 10 ~ 100 mm/sec
Vacuum source ring-blower
Unwind web edge tracking Web guide + structural EPC ± 10 mm
Tension control by load cell + servo-drive
Rewind tension adj. range 0.5 ~ 3 kgf
Operation interface Proface 7” touch-operated HMI, parameter setting
Dust cover (optional) top dust cover