SPS CBS 57 Jet Air + UV Combo Dryer

Photo of SPS CBS 57 Combination Dryer
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CBS 57

Jet Air + UV Combination Dryer

also called Jet Dryer, Forced Air Dryer, Tunnel Dryer, Tunnel Oven…

• Provides Hot (under 90ºC) / Cold (room temperature) jet air to blow-dry solvent-based ink printed on sheet material, or provides UV (Ultra Violet) ray to cure UV-curable ink printed on sheet material, mode is selected according to ink type (cannot run both at same time)

• speed is subject to ink type and throughput of Press lined up ahead (SPS Dryer to sync speed with SPS Screen Printing Press).

• Modular design, configured by below sections as standard:

• Conveyor: high-strength ring-joint net belt + variable speed drive + tracking system, running through entire length, horizontally conveys sheets through below function sections, with pressurized airflow to stabilize sheets on conveyor surface.

• Infeed: not set with drying facility, just for ink printed on sheet to flow out before being dried(enhances gloss), and for surveillance or taking sheets out for inspection during run; the end connecting to Press is designed with fold-down vacuum belt system(fold-down provides passage for maintenance).

• Heating: 2 sections, main drying functional section, with high-pressure high-volume circulated hot jet air system, and enhanced heat-insulation mechanism.

• UV: main curing functional section, with 2 sets of 160w/cm high power UV ray emission lamp module and heat insulation/exhausting mechanisms.

• Cooling: with high-pressure high-volume room temperature jet air system, blow-cools sheet and ink on top of it(lessens impacts caused by remaining heat against sheet pile-up).

• Delivery: transfer sheets out toward Stacker lined up after.

• Graph/text display touch screen operator interface + function parameter setting/memory/call-out.

• Emergency stop + control safety system.

• Control may be linked with SPS Screen Printing Press ahead, Dryer speed to automatically sync Press speed.

• All top hoods may be hinge-lifted for inspection and maintenance.


• IR(Infra Red) ray module integrated inside Heating Sections: to boost temperature for higher efficiency

• Heating Section(whole section): to upgrade drying efficiency (productivity).

• IR ray top hood over infeed: to heat-soften printed ink, to speed up flow-out(mirror effect).

• UV ray top hood over infeed: for shape-fixing by pre-curing, or cracking effect owing to semi-curing.

• UV lamp module/Section(whole section): to upgrade curing efficiency.

• Chilled water heat exchanger system: to enhance cooling.