AT-MIX7 / AT-MIX7V Ink Mixer

Automatic Ink Mixer, Ink Mixing Machine

Vibration shaking type, quickly mixing ink and solvent or thinner, even in combination, with extraction vacuum to eliminate bubbles in the ink.


Robust mechanical design supports vibration shaking device for even mixing ink and additive together. Fixation clamping the specified ink container (or can) prevents the ink leakage while vibration shaking.

• Quick Uniformity, uses high speed vibration to mix ink, operating inside the closed chamber to attain fast and uniform mixing effect.

• Vibration Prevention Design : design vibration proof, no shaking offset while operating, clipper fix the ink can tightly to move up down shaking.

• High Speed Mixing : adopt high speed vibration to mix ink, avoid manual stirring to clean up the stirring bar, and avoid ink waste and solvent volatile.

• Vacuum Suction : (option) depending ink can size to make the clipper with vacuum device, reduce bubbles generated while ink shaking, vacuum pressure with detector to control vacuum suction constant pressure value.

• Separation Design : electrical control system and entity are separately to assure safety while ink mixing.

• Safety: ink can is fixed completely onto vibration platform, close protective door, when time counting is over, automatic stop and warning with sound

• Perfect Protection : safety protection design, protective door with safety lock, once the door is opened to stop machine.

Specification AT-MIX7V
Metric Units
US Std Units
Max Ink Volume 5kg 11 lbs
Max Can Size 50〜260mm 2"~10.25"
Clipper Size Custom made depending on can size.
Vacuum Suction 40cm Hg .533 bar
Vibration Motor 1360/1630rpm 1360/1630rpm
Power Consumption 1.54KW 1.54KW
Machine Weight 125kg 276 lbs
Machine Dimension 520x730x810mm 21"x29"x33"

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