Twin Table PCB Wet-Film Screen Printer

ATMA ATMAOE EW67TT Twin Table PCB Wet-Film Screen Printer
Suitable for Rigid Printed Circuit Board, Flexible PCB, PCB legend, Photo Resistance Solder Mask, Wet-Film Plug-via-holes, Surface Mounted Technology, Carbon/Resin Plug-via-holes, and other PCB screen printing.

Patented Design

Twin table processing to work in coordination two-way printing + screen double axis directional displacement (option) + printing pressure equalizer.

Printing with Plug-via

Solved problem with printing left out and ink residue to achieve perfect effect of plug-via-hole to increase yield rate of production capacity.

Scrapping Ink From Mesh Beneath Screen

Effective scrapping residue ink from mesh beneath screen, attached with storage residue ink tray.

Digital Control

Colored human-Machine interface, for multi functions and parameters setting, contains 100 sets of memories to store the setting.

Safety Guard

Equipped with emergency stop switch, safety restoration, automatic error diagnosis system etc. safety thorough protection.

Optional Equipment

Screen Frame displacement equipment, Added vacuum function.

Specification Metric Units Unit Conversions
Power consumption(kw) 2.77
Power source 3∮,220V/380V,50/60Hz
Capacity(P/H,full speed full stroke) 380(plug-via) 480(non-plug-via)
Substrate thickness(mm) 0-10(Substrate+Fixture thickness)
Screen frame height 26mm to 54mm 1.02" to 2.12"
Screen frame height option RH SOLUTIONS can arrange to have screen frame holder prepared for
roller, diamond chase, and stretch and glue frames 28 – 54 mm (1.1” – 2.12”).
Max.O/D frame size((DxW,mm) 1050x1050
Working table size(DxW,mm) 900x800
Max.print area(DxW,mm) 640x640
Air source(kg/c㎡) 5-7
Air consumption(I GI/cycle) 2.6
Dimension(WxDxH,mm) 1600x2460x1470
Weight(kgs) 1190
Print Pressure(kg) 100(Max)
Screen displacement(X/Y,mm) +-10/+-10(option)

Note: Rough conversion made from metric scale to United States customary units. Change may be made without prior notice.

• Table vacuum
• Safety Light-Beam
• Thicker squeegee rubber to enhance effect of Plug-via
• Scratch Residual Ink for automatic cleaning of residue paste/chemical buildup underneath mesh.

• Others available upon request.