Rear Pick-up Feeder

SPS FVR EP71 Rear Pick-up Feeder
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EP Rear Pick-up Feeder, is used to work with an SPS High Speed Fully Automatic Cylinder Screen Printing Machine, run synchronously linked, highlights German SPS’s lineage classic advantages: highest ever run speed, printing accuracy, user-friendly operation, convenience and comfort.
Linked and sync-run with an SPS high-speed Cylinder Screen Printing Machine, feeds piled up sheet stock piece by piece into Printing Machine for printing.
Max sheet size: 750x1060mm (29”x41”)
Suitable for paper, plastic, etc. flexible, not too thin/soft, rectangular sheet substrates, such as:
• Graphic Printing: posters, packaging boxes/ wraps, book covers, stickers, greeting cards, labels/tags, braille, scratch-offs…
• Industrial Printing: transfers/decals (textile, ceramic, bikes, sports devices…), automotive/appliance dashboards/panels (IMD/FIM...), security cards (credit, ID…), membrane switches…
• Circuit Printing: flexible circuits (circuits, conductive contacts…), electronic labels, sensors…
• Opto-electronic Printing: electro-luminescence (electrode, emission layer…), flexible cover-lenses…
• Bio-medical Printing: health-care test strips (blood sugar…).
• Green Energy Printing: thin film batteries…
• Max. speed 4000 cycle/h (max. sheet 750x1060mm).
• 3-side portal design, allows operator access for pile setup.
• Pile guides with scale.
• Pile height sensor with automatic feed-in control.
• Heavy-duty vacuum pick-up head, air-blow + poke multiple sheet-separation system, suction cups’/air-blow nozzles’ strength/positions are delicately adjustable, to handle varying thickness/rigidity of sheet materials, for sure effect.
• Mechanical double-sheet detection.
• Stream/single-sheet dual mode sheet forwarding, selected to sheet characteristics.
• Control linked with Printing Machine after, with further control switches nearby operation position, convenient for setup.
• Max sheet size: 750x1060mm (29”x41”)
• Substrate thickness: 0.2~0.8mm (0.008”~0.03”)
• Max. speed 4000 cycle/h
• High pile version, adapts high sheet pile, without need of rearrangement, upgrades productivity.
• Non-stop rods, for pile change during printing, without need to stop run.
• Pre-stacking device, for preparing sheet stock outside, for immediate load-in in place, shorten pile load time.
• Sheet cleaning roller device, ensures print quality.
• Mechanical double-sheet detection.
• Anti-static device, eliminates static charge on plastic sheets, for smooth run.
• With other options, corresponding to process requirements.

Other models in same series but different size:
SPS FVR EP57 Rear Pick-up Feeder
Max sheet size: 550x750mm (22”x30”)
Substrate thickness: 0.2~0.8mm (0.008”~0.03”)
Other models for same application but in different type:
(FP Front Pick-up Feeder):
SPS FVF FP57 Front Pick-up Feeder
Max sheet size: 550x750mm (22”x30”)
Substrate thickness: 0.075~0.8mm (0.003”~0.03”)

SPS FVF FP71 Front Pick-up Feeder
Max sheet size:750x1060mm (29”x41”)
Substrate thickness: 0.075~0.8mm (0.003”~0.03”)