Pneumatic Flat Screen Printer

Photo of AT-60FA Screen Printer

Suitable for industrial printing of membrane switches, adhesive stickers, nameplates, dashboard, etc.

Flexible compact design

Non-occupy space, screen vertical up down, ink doesn’t flow bias at lateral side.

Patented shock absorber

Excellent closed type absorbing device to eliminate rapidly shock vibration efficiency.

Various Selection

Touch-screen control panel saves presets to quickly change parameters for various printing requirements.

Optional selection

Tooling (or fixture) for flat printing

Used Linear Guide Rails and adding integral formation of Aluminum alloyed structure for vertical section, raise durability and high precision to bear loading super force.

DC brushless motor with encoder for printing stroke, fast movement, precise positioning, digital presetting printing stroke / speed.

Frame holder was designed for active cantilever with strong, light-weight structure for convenient adjustment.

All new design concept for the printing head, integrated structure of skew angle/depth/pressure adjustment for squeegee / flood coater.

Screen up down is driven by cylinder with precise guide rail transmission to move smoothly.

Attached with peel-off function, adjustable speed and height of peel-off, avoid to cause phenomenon of adhesive mesh after printing.

Attached with precise adjustment sliding base, enable to adjust table fine adjustment at front / rear / right / left direction, advantageous to multi-color printing.

Oil free FRL unit doesn’t generate the polluted mist emission, suitable for usage in cleaning room.

Six cycle printing modes can be selectable to suite various different substrates, fast and convenience to achieve printing efficiency.


Utilized touch-screen control to obtain quick selection, setting, various printing stroke to fulfill various printing requirements.


Adding safety pressing bar, emergency stop switch to protect operator safety and security.

Specification AT-60FA Metric AT-60FA Unit Conversions
TABLE SIZE (D x W / mm) 500x700mm 19¾"x27½"
VACUUM AREA (D x W / mm) 400x560mm 15¾"x22"
MAX. PRINT AREA (D x W / mm) 400x560mm 15¾"x22"
MAX. FRAME SIZE (O/D, D x W / mm) 700x950mm 27½"x37⅜"
Table X/Y micro adjustment ±10mm,±10mm ±⅜" / ±⅜"
Screen frame height For the convenience of our customers, ATMA prepares all machines sold through RH Solutions
to accept roller, diamond chase, and stretch and glue frames with heights 28mm - 52mm (1.1" - 2").
SUBSTRATE THICKNESS (mm) 0-30mm 0-1⅛"
Printing table height 920+40mm 36¼"+1⅝"
Peel-off height 200mm 7⅞"
PRINT HEAD SPEED 125-1000mm/sec  47⅞"-39⅜"/sec
Productivity 630 passes/hour(non-stop full speed full stroke) 630 passes/hour(non-stop full speed full stroke)
POWER SOURCE 1 ∮,220V,50/60Hz 1 ∮,220V,50/60Hz
COMPRESSED AIR SOURCE 6.3-7.7 kg/cm² 90 - 110psi
AIR CONSUMPTION (L/cycle.) 8.6 L/cycle 2⅓ gal/cycle
MACHINE DIMENSION (W x D x H / cm) 110x90x160cm 43¼"x35⅜"x63"
MACHINE WEIGHT (kg) 325kg 716½ lbs