Automatic Glass Panel Screen Printer

ATMA AT-EW120P Electric PCB Wet-film Screen Printer
Suitable for high accuracy screen-printing on glass panels.

Specifications ATMATIC 45PA Metric ATMATIC 45PA Unit Conversions
Work flow direction From right to left From right to left
Max. O/D frame size 600mm x 700mm 23.6" x 27.56"
Min. O/D frame size 400mm x 400mm 15.75" x 15.75"
Max. printing area 307mm x 307mm 12" x 12"
Printing table height 950mm + 30mm 37.40" + 1.18"
Printing table size 580mm x 2400mm 22.83" x 94.49"
Vacuum area 320mm x 320mm 12.6" x 12.6"
Vacuum hole size Ø 2.0mm Ø 0.0787"
Shuttle table speed 1500mm/sec 59.6"/sec
Screen fine adjustment X/Y axis ±10mm / ±10mm ±0.39" / ±0.39"
Substrate thickness 2mm to 12mm 0.07874" to 0.47"
Substrate weight 0.5kg to 11kg 1 lb to 24.25 lb
Screen frame height For the convenience of our customers, ATMA prepares all machines sold through RH Solutions
to accept roller, diamond chase, and stretch and glue frames with heights 28mm - 52mm (1.1" - 2").
Screen cleaning level 210mm 8.27"
Print Speed (digital setting) 100mm to 500mm/sec 3.94" to 19.69"/sec
Cycle Speed (full speed, full stroke, non-stop) 660 P/H 660 P/H
Power source 3∮, 220V/380V, 50/60Hz 3∮, 220V/380V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 2.96kw 2.96kw
Compressed air source 6.3-7.7 kg/cm² 90 - 110psi
Air consumption 11.7 L/min 0.41 cfm
Machine dimension 780 kg 1720 lb

Note: Rough conversion made from metric scale to United States customary units. Change may be made without prior notice.