Squeegee Cutter

Model 280 Type B - Semi-Automatic (110")

Equipped with triple lift gearbox system.
Adco Squeegee Cutter Model B
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Wet-cut rotary blade squeegee sharpeners for accurate edges.

The ADCO ‘Original’ Squeegee Cutter produces an excellent squeegee edge optimized for all screen printing sectors such as high tech industrial, glass decorating, up-market graphics, and textile applications.


Adco developed the original rotating blade squeegee-cutting machine in 1997 for the production of excellent cut edges on squeegees to improve the print quality and durability. Upon installation customers report improved production and print results.
The ADCO ‘Original’ Squeegee Cutter uses a special coolant to produce a wet-cutting edge suitable for all types of squeegee rubber. Type B Semi-Automatic is equipped with a motor driven rotary disk cutting carriage that wet-cuts from right to left and stops automatically on the left side. After each cut the operator manually unlocks the cutting carriage and moves it back to the far right-hand position, then re-locks to begin the next squeegee cutting cycle. This innovation is centered on the premise of a rotating blade that trims a very thin strip of squeegee rubber to .03” - .04” (.8 - 1.1 mm) in one single cutting pass. (Max. cut thickness is 10mm.)

ADCO’s well-proven method of cutting is currently in use around the world. Please see the primary differences between the “original” ADCO and others below.

A. Parallel linear clamping system provides secure nonslip of squeegee rubber during the cutting cycle together with larger opening for loading and unloading squeegee/holder. Superior design over hinged clamping systems.

B. Coolant Recycle System. An integrated spray nozzle with fluid channels located along the full length of the clamping system recycles up to 75% of cutting fluid. Includes a filtered coolant reservoir to collect and ensure clean re-use of the cutting fluid.

C. Automatic sensor shuts off cutting carriage and coolant pump at the end of each cutting cycle to further decrease coolant consumption.

D. Integrated coolant tank with fluid level sensor prevents damage to the cutting blade when fluid reaches below security level.

E. Equipped with linear bearings used for squeegee height adjustment (lateral movement) on all models.

F. Rotary cutting system offers excellent, fast and clean high quality squeegee edge without messy grinding dust. Cutting the squeegee minimizes solvent absorption.

G. Exceptional print quality, no edge swelling. No squeegee resting period needed, squeegee is ready to print immediately after it is cut.

H. Long durability of the squeegee edge and higher production rates are achievable.

I. Quick, repeatable and sealed precision wet-cut squeegee edge. Linearly even edge for superior ink deposit uniformity, improves fine line resolution and truer color likeness.

J. User-friendly and easy setup with minimal learning curve.

K. No PLC or pneumatics offers less maintenance and associated components.

L. More compact to reduce packing/shipping cost and some assembly required.

M. Cutting blade with nitrate coating to extend the life of the blade and resists rusting.

N. Motor driven rotary cutting blade wet-cuts squeegee in a single pass. Cutting speed is 1 meter (3.28 ft.) in 150 seconds, depending on type of squeegee rubber.

Specification (Type B Model 280) Metric Units US Standard Units
Squeegee Cutting Length 2800mm 110"
Machine Length 3380mm 133"
Machine Depth 500mm 20"
Machine Height 1200mm 47.25"
Compressed Air Requirements Not Required
Cut Thickness Normal Range
(Max. cut thickness is 10mm)
.8mm to 1.1mm .03" to .04"
Coolant Tank 5 liters 1.32 gallons
Coolant Consumption .01 liter per meter cut .34 ounces per 3.28 feet cut
Electrical Requirements 120V 20A

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