RH Solutions LLC

North American supplier of top quality ATMA® and SPS® screen printing and cylinder press lines, equipment, parts, supplies, training, and service.


Top quality screen printing solutions for all industrial sectors.

ATMA is the world leader in the field of high end flatbed screen printing systems. Their company philosophy is one of continuous improvement and is ISO9001/ISO14001 certified for top quality and award-wining machinery honored recently with the prestigious National Quality Award from the Taiwanese government this year. ATMA ships over 350 printing units per month for the global market and has peaked out at 560 units/month. They are well known for the highest quality machinery worldwide and they are also the largest manufacturer of screen printers and auxiliary equipment. ATMA is well-known and respected for the highest quality screen printing machines in over 40 countries worldwide.


High performance cylinder press lines.

The SPS range of STOP cylinders is known for its accuracy, speed and long trouble-free life. With 1000+ installations worldwide, SPS cylinder screen printing machines have been among the first and the leading products in this field for nearly six decades. From day one on, SPS has been focusing on one-stop solutions for demanding graphic and high-tech industrial screen printing applications.